You, Your Dog and Walking


Walking is one of the most popular activities out there, but did you know that many people actually buy a dog so they will have to walk more? While this sounds like a great idea, it depends on where you live.

Research has shown that if you live in the country you are less likely to take your dog for a walk, they may have the freedom of running off leash more often. For people who live in the city owning a dog does get them outside more often.  So before you run off a buy a dog as a walking tool, decide if you are prepared for all the other responsibilities a dog brings.

It is absolutely more fun to walk with a dog than just walking alone. Dog owners normally feel safer walking than non dog owners. Plus of course walking is fantastic for both you and your dog.

Being a dog owner and walking your dog are two different aspects. If you work all day you can easily put your dog into Doggy Daycare. This would mean that they get lots of exercise during the day, relieving you of your nightly dog walk!  You will still need to dig up the motivation to walk on a regular basis.

Walking with your dog has lots of benefits. Of course is the actual health aspect but this time also allows you to create a bond with your dog. If you have a puppy then walking them allows them to get socialized.

Another benefit of owning a dog, especially for singles, is that they are a magnet for other dog lovers. You will be surprised at how many people come up to you when out with your dog. Your dog provides a great conversation starter and you never know where this might lead!

Both you and your dog require daily exercise so you need to set up and stick with a good walking routine. Depending upon the age of your dog, you don’t have to go out for hours. A solid 20 or 30 minute walk once or twice a day is sufficient.

When walking your dog always take along your baggies and clean up after your pet. Also look for any dog parks or beaches in your area. This is a great way to meet others, two and four legged, and provides you with a safe environment to let your dog run and socialize.

When going for long walks always take or pack extra water and a pet bowl for your dog. They can easily get dehydrated too, and taking along a snack offers a nice reward after a good walk.

So if you are thinking about getting a dog so you will walk more often, keep in mind that this could be 10 year or longer commitment. Take the time to seriously consider getting a dog for this purpose before taking action. Your local pet shelter probably has some amazing dogs just waiting for a happy home that includes lots of walks.

rudyYou, Your Dog and Walking