Why Start a Walking Routine?


For anyone that wants to get back into shape a walking routine is a great way to start, why? Mainly because it is easy to do, requires no special equipment, is easy on your joints and is super effective. Let’s take a closer look.

The biggest issue with any type of exercise routine is that it is often difficult to perform some of the movements. You may not be able to lift your leg up high enough, or climb stairs for any length of time. If you push yourself you end up feeling sore and then get put off from trying the routine again.

Walking is the perfect solution to getting your joints moving, it also helps improve your cardiovascular system. Plus it lowers your risk of suffering from a heart attack or stroke and decreases your chances of getting diabetes.

Walking is a good choice for anyone who is dealing with health conditions such as arthritis. Moving regularly can help improve your arthritis and walking is not hard on your joints.

For anyone who wants to lose weight there really is no better way than to start walking. Walking can really help you burn a ton of calories. It is much easier for a person to walk for a longer period of time than to do another exercise, such as jogging, for the same time length.

To start a new walking routine the only thing you need is a good pair of walking shoes. If you are just walking for a few minutes a day you should be okay with your older shoes. Just be sure not to wait too long until you purchase a good pair of walking shoes. Get your shoes measured and fitted by a professional, this way you can prevent any foot injuries as you walk.

Remember too when going for a walk that you have to get home again. So if you are planning on a 30 minute walk, walk away from home for 15 minutes and then turn around and head home. As your fitness level increases you can extend your walk.

It has been shown that walking up even a small hill can help increase your stamina and it burns more calories. If you walk up a hill with a 15% incline you will actually burn 67% more calories. So try adding a short hill or slope when possible. This is also a great choice for people who can’t run, just starting hill walking in order to burn more calories and increase your fitness level.

As you can see you don’t really need any expensive equipment to take up walking. You can easily start walking around the block in your neighbourhood at first. Maybe you have a park, lake or walking trails nearby.

No matter if you want to walk to lose weight, improve your arthritis, get fit or just to enjoy the outdoors walking is the best overall exercise for your health.

rudyWhy Start a Walking Routine?