Spring Into Walking


Do you know that numerous people decide to take up walking each and every spring? The sad part is that many people don’t continue with this healthy habit. So what can you do this spring to ensure that you continue walking through all the seasons?

The best way to start a new walking routine is to plan for it. Work out the best time of day to walk including for how long. If you aren’t accustomed to walking or exercising start small and work up. The worst thing you can do is to walk for 2 hours your first time out. You will end up sore and you probably won’t be motivated to go for another walk!

Spring is the perfect time for walking for a few reasons. If you have just survived a winter you are just itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer air. Spring weather is another bonus, the air is full of fragrances, birds are coming out of their winter habitats and the temperature is pleasant for walking, it is not too hot and humid yet.

Walking during the summer heat is one of the main reasons that people give up. The sun is just too powerful and humid air can make it difficult to breathe. To combat this you want to plan your walks around the heat and avoid the hottest times of the day. Plan to walk during the early morning or as the sun is setting.

If you have been cooped up all winter it makes perfect sense to get outside as soon as the weather permits. By spring hopefully all of the snow has melted in your area. This makes it easier to walk, the pathways are much drier and you don’t have to worry about falling on ice.

Of course the lure of spring should be enough to make you want to walk. Don’t you want to enjoy the buds on the trees, the birds chirping and flowers starting to emerge from the dark ground?

As you start walking in spring make an effort to walk every day if possible, if not then at least 3 times a week. Then continue with this. If you walk regularly for at least 3 weeks, walking will become a habit, which you don’t want to break.
As the weather gets warmer dress accordingly, take along a jacket that can be removed if you get too hot. Take lots of water with you so that you stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

When the temperatures are really hot aim to walk early in the morning, even if this means getting up a little earlier. Why not get up with the sunrise and find a place where you can watch it rise each morning.

Walking is a fantastic way to explore your neighbourhood, meet new people, enjoy the fresh air all while reaping the health benefits. So why not spring into walking this spring and continue all year long?

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