Solar Energy Is The Wave Of The Future


Just a few short years ago, solar panels were a relative newcomer to the power generation industry. These days, however, advancements in technology as well as the mushrooming of solar providers such as Solar Panels Adelaide have helped them grow to become a major player with a bright future.

solar panelsAs the global population continues to rise and the world’s power needs grow, harnessing the unlimited power of the sun could be the ideal solution. Advancements in solar energy system design are making it even more viable as a significant energy source in the future. The sun puts off a tremendous and unlimited amount of energy. Being able to utilize that energy efficiently could be the answer to the pending global energy crisis.

Currently, solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells. Typically these panels are rigid. New work is being done, however, to develop panels that are more flexible than photovoltaic panels. Scientists are working to develop a process for allowing an individual light photon to divide into two electrons, which is moving mankind closer to reaching their goals. Energy saving technology such as LED lights also helps make solar a more viable option for the future.

Thinking a bit smaller, solar panels are a smart option for generating residential energy on a house-by-house basis. Work still needs to be done to make them more effective at generating large amounts of power for giant corporate or industrial applications. However, scientist no doubt will come up with a way to make it happen any day now. Ongoing research looks promising. Not only that, but scientists and researchers have a vested interest in making it happen in order to minimize the impacts of global warming and to help preserve the remaining fossil fuels.

Another factor that is playing in to the booming solar energy market is the drop in price that the panels have enjoyed over the past few years. This makes it more affordable for cities, states and small businesses to incorporate solar into application such as powering street lights or operating small equipment. How significant has the price decrease been? According to recent statistics, the average costs of solar have dropped more than 75% from what they were in 2008.

Between the lower cost and the development of more efficient technology, the United States and other industrialized nations may begin to see a major shift to using solar in the near future. By the year 2020, it is believed that solar will be used to meet over 15% of the energy needs of the country, rising to 30% by 2030. Following that trajectory, that means that half or more of the power in the United State could be generated by solar by the year 2050.

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janiceSolar Energy Is The Wave Of The Future