Pedometer Choices


Pedometers are a small tool that can help you improve your health substantially. There are many types of pedometers available from those that are simple and cost around $10 to more fancier versions that are closer to the $100 mark. So which type should you choose?

A basic pedometer will count your steps on a daily basis, they normally calculate the number of calories you have burned as well. More advanced pedometers can be synched to your Smartphone, mobile device and to your home computer.

Before purchasing a pedometer you want to decide what functions you want yours to have. Are you going to be happy with a basic model, or do you want one that is connected to your iPhone?

Let’s take a look at some of the best selling pedometers today.

The Fitbit is a top pedometer and can be synched with to your computers and to your iPhone or iPad. It will count your steps daily and automatically resets at midnight. It will also count your calories burned, distance walked, stairs climbed and it can track how many hours of sleep you get each night.

The Fitbit can be worn on your pants, waistband, bra, pocket or shirt pocket. It will sync to your devices every 15 to 40 minutes, but you do need to be within 20 feet of the USB Dongle. If you are out during the day all your stats will be updated quickly once you get home.

One of the reasons why the Fitbit is so popular is that it comes with a variety of encouragement type tools. You will be awarded badges as you reach certain milestones. It also has progress tools and comes with a clock and an alarm.

Omron pedometers come in many different varieties and are another best seller. It will count all your steps, when worn on your hip, along with calories and fat grams burned. It can store up to 7 days of information in its memory.  Plus it automatically resets at midnight so it is ready for you as soon as you get up in the morning.

Ozeri is a German brand of pedometer that works extremely well. It can be worn on your hips or carried in your purse and it will still track your steps.  It has a 3D Tri-Axis Bosch Sensor with a X,Y,Z vector detection, which means it is super accurate regardless of your body position.

Many top performance athletes use this thin and lightweight pedometer. It will record your steps, distance, calories and fat burned and the amount of time you spend exercising each day.

A nice feature is that this pedometer can count up to 1 million steps and has a 7 Day Memory. It also comes with a built in clock and sports timer.

These are just three of the top selling pedometers that are available and new ones are always being added. A pedometer is an inexpensive way to track your daily walking and it is a great motivator!

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